Spacerocket LIVE is all about presenting great live music performances for fans to enjoy.

We generate high quality video assets to promote the artist's imminent activity - such as the next single, album, gig or tour. 

The YouTube videos can of course be embedded on artist home pages and elsewhere. We work closely with artists to maximise the impact of social media campaigns and to optimise the reach of the videos.This entails coordinating our own social media activity with that of our sponsors and partners, and of course the artists and labels too.

The productions are supported extensively by our audio partners Sennheiser, who assist us in ensuring that the audio outputs sound great. A filming day typically entails capture of four songs concurrently in two formats, both multi camera and in 360 video for VR.

While multi camera edits are mixed as stereo masters, the VR edits contain ambisonic surround mixes mapped to 360 video. These are best enjoyed via a headset (such as a Samsung Gear, HTC Vive or Oculus Rift) with a decent pair of headphones, thus allowing the listener to experience immersive mixes that 'move' corresponding with their own head movements. This also works pretty well on a tablet or phone.

While we sometimes schedule sessions with interesting newcomers, our  main objective is to continue to work with artists that have already established an audience as we aim to support their upwards trajectory. 


Spacerocket LIVE presents a compelling branded content opportunity for prospective partners/sponsors.

We create dynamic and accessible live music performance-based content that exists on our platform, on YouTube and is also embedded on artists' sites. 

Trust is the most important factor in online decision making. Our sponsors are able to become part of the relationship that flourishes between artists and their fans, linking digital marketing and social media activity with content that audiences choose to enjoy. The artists and labels that feature on become advocates, and even ambassadors for brands by association. By becoming a catalyst for delivering great music content to audiences, your brand could be part of this transparent and wholly positive relationship.

To date much of our work has been driven by our partnership with While we remain fully committed to this, our parallel focus for the near future is to grow the non-soul/jazz Spacerocket LIVE platform similarly - targeting a younger 18-25 demographic.

We currently publish a brand new branded content video every other day, while our aim is to secure further sponsorship that would allow us to produce a new branded video every single day.

We would welcome conversations with prospective sponsors.

Do feel free to get in touch: